A few years ago, I was in car accident that caused by other vehicle who did not stop at stop sign. That week later, I started have sore neck, back and hip. I did use up all minor injury benefit $3,500 worth for massage and chiropractic. It only last 4 months and it is not enough benefit for me.

I has been sore back for a long time. I was not able to perform same way as pre-accident after benefit run out. It cause our marriage and family stress because I depend my family and wife to help me for some chores.

I decided to get started find lawyer until I found Mr. Drake lawyer. He gave me all possible case what look like I might win. He keep informed me by email for any progress and updates on our case. For a little over 1 year, he helped me to get through all process and negotiate back and forth until I accepted the deal. Those deal was good and it meet my expectation.

The settlement cheque gave me and my family closure for what I went suffering sore and pain in back. So now I can able start focus on treatment on my back and get back to our life. I recommended anyone who need lawyer who has injury from vehicle accident. I recommend Mr. Drake.

C.N. of Windsor