Chodola Reynolds Binder finds practical solutions for complex legal issues affecting both employees and business owners. We've represented employees at all stages of their careers, as well as business owners in several different industries.  

Services for Employees

Employment Contracts

When representing an employee in an employment contract matter, we advocate for our clients to obtain the fair compensation they deserve. If you are considering accepting a new position, contact our employment lawyers to review your proposed contract.

Wrongful Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal

Terminated employees (fired, laid off, or wrongfully dismissed from their job without cause) are entitled to notice of the dismissal from their employer and a severance package. 

You may be entitled to more than the amounts in your employment contract or the Employment Standards Act. They may be much higher than the employer initially offers in your severance package. The employer may try to get you to sign their offer within a short time without telling you that you can have it reviewed by a lawyer. You can always hire a lawyer to help you negotiate a better settlement package. 

Constructive dismissal occurs when a fundamental change to the terms of your employment or compensation occurs. It also happens when the employer allows a toxic work environment (harassment, discrimination) to occur.

You may be able to resign from your job and receive a severance package if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • Your employer has made the workplace intolerable.
  • Your work environment is poisoned and toxic.
  • You are taking on more work than was initially agreed.
  • The employer changed your employment contract without proper notice or corresponding change in pay.
  • Your employer has given you more responsibility without any difference in compensation or notice about a pay raise.
  • Your work role has changed; you've been demoted and feel embarrassed about it. 

If you are considering leaving your job due to changes in employment conditions or a toxic work atmosphere, consult an employment lawyer. Your employer may owe you a settlement and a severance package. 

Services for Business Owners

Incorporating a Business

As a business owner, when does it make sense to incorporate? What are your rights and responsibilities if you decide to take this step? Should you incorporate federally or provincially? What name should you use? If you have questions, you can count on CRB Law to give you the answers you need to make the best decisions for your company. 

Buying an Existing Business 

You may be interested in buying an existing business. An experienced business lawyer will represent your interests through the entire process, from due diligence to completing the transaction.

Creating a Partnership

Many people prefer to start their business with someone else. Setting up their company as a partnership can work well for them. Get advice about how a general and a limited partnership works from a practical and a tax standpoint before you pick up a pen to sign anything. 

Drafting Shareholders' Agreements

When properly drafted, a shareholders' agreement will anticipate future problems and outline ways to address them. This type of agreement addresses issues such as regulating how the directors will manage the corporation, protecting the interests of the majority and minority shareholders, and setting up a dispute resolution method. It also controls share transfers. 

If you wish to reorganize the company, the shareholders' agreement could be a valuable document to assist with the changes. The agreement's provisions can help with the changes, or you may wish to negotiate a new arrangement. In either case, our business lawyers can offer expert assistance. 

Dissolution and Winding up a Company

In situations where a company is folding or winding up for financial reasons or the owner's retirement, you need the services of a business lawyer to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Whether the company is incorporated provincially or federally, you will need to file Articles of Dissolution to the federal government or the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services after discharging any liabilities, dissolving your HST and payroll accounts, cancelling your municipal licences, etc.  

Our experienced business lawyers also act for clients in contract negotiations, construction lien, and tax matters. We negotiate commercial real estate leases and advise clients in commercial transactions and real estate development. 

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